WSD Scripting Language
WSD is a simple, but efficient language. It borrowed some features from the original Basic language. It was built in Windows with TCC (Tiny C Compiler), in Android with C4droid (based on TCC), and in Raspberry Pi/Stretch with GCC. Was tested extensively, but please report bugs.
All programs(Compilers/Interpreters) compiled under 30 kbytes.
WSD strength consists in scripting, gluing libraries(Static/Dynamic), and extending the language with external libraries. See XOR function in scripting xmath library.
It provides methods for libraries to callback.

Compilers C source code
Compiles scripts with .sd extension, outputs .sdx pcode.

Virtual Machine(pcode interpreters) C source code
Interprets files with .sdx extension.

Sample Scripts

Sample Libraries

Games (html, css, javascript)

Musical Ramblings (Work in Progress).

Experimenting with music composition software in Windows.